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Description : LWL GPS / L-Band Kit


Exact information:

The kit includes

   - A GPS L1 timing antenna (with HA-R antenna bracket with 50 mm

     shells, suitable for post and terrain positioning)

   - up to 10 m H 155 cable

   - An RF to fiber optic converter (transmitter) module.The module is in       a IP66 dust and waterproof box (dimensions: 180 x 130 x 90 mm). Also       available as a 19-inch rack,1 RU variant. Power is supplied via a                 waterproof USB-C connection with power supply.

   - A fiber optic to RF converter (receiver) module with 40 dB                     adjustable attenuation, a GPS status LED (red / green ) and a                   screen that shows information about Number of satellites, 3D fix,                 HDOP. The module is located in a 19-inch 1 RU rack.

     Power is supplied via a USB-C connection with power pack (or via               other customer-specific connections).The module can be connected to         the local network (via RJ45 LAN port) in order to be able to monitor           the GNSS infrastructure on site.

     TNC as RF connectors (other connections can also be offered upon           request).

   - As an option, the signal from a transmitter can be distributed to several       receivers.



         The fiber optic kit can be configured according your demand!

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