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Description : GI-L1G1 adjustable repeater kit for GPS / GLONASS           Signal reception

Exact information:

   The in-box kit solution includes:

    - an external antenna with GPS / GLONASS civil frequency                      reception (TNC connection) with a bracket for mast or terrain

      (up to 50 mm diameter)

    - 30 meter H155 (Low Smoke No Halogen) cable, both ends                         assembled  

    - A GPS / GLONASS repeater with power control with a

     1 inch screen with GNSS data display (local time, GPS and                       GLONASS satellites number, HDOP) and a green / red LED                       Status light . An SMA connector and USB-C 5 volts  Power                       connection  are also available.

    - The 3D wall mount with 1/4 inch thread

      (Photo industry standard)

    - 1 meter long USB-C cable with a 5 volt / 1 ampere power supply        (220/5)

     A version with system oscillation control is also available on request

     can also be ordered from a price of 990 €.



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